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Noah & Abby Gundersen

With David Ramirez

Noah Gundersen has never aimed for the ordinary. Inspired in equal measure by the music of Neil Young and existentialism, Gundersen’s gorgeous melodies and plainspoken language cut straight to the heart from the very first listen. Gundersen’s music sets out to push boundaries and confound expectations, while creating rich sonic textures along the way. Gundersen’s stirring, solemn voice ebbs and flows underneath instrumentation that experiments with tone and structure, while his lyrics look inward to articulate weighty themes of self-discovery. Gundersen is joined at AMP by his sister, Abby Gundersen, providing backing vocals and strings to songs from his entire catalog.

Singer-songwriter David Ramirez opens the show with sparse, poignant folk songs centered around his starkly beautiful baritone. 

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