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James "Blood" Ulmer

James “Blood” Ulmer is a true original. Celebrated by many as an avant-garde innovator, this blues guitarist draws upon the full spectrum of African American music. He began his career playing in funk bands before settling in New York City in 1971. It was in New York that Blood first collaborated with Ornette Coleman, who had a profound effect on Ulmer’s sound. In the decades since he has explored free jazz, soul, be-bop, avant-garde, and rock. Rolling Stone heralded Blood as “the most original guitarist since Jimi Hendrix,” and Detroit Free Press gushed that Blood is a “wildly original guitar hero.” His guitar chops are even more stunning when paired with his rich, baritone vocals and powerful lyrics. 

This performance is part of Strathmore’s Shades of Blues festival. Check out the full line-up.

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