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Dave Kline Band & Veronneau


You don’t have to go very far in DC to hear exciting music from around the globe. We wanted to showcase some of the cutting-edge music that is thriving in the melting pot that is the nation’s capital. The Dave Kline Band and Veronneau come together for a night of evocative world-jazz and rock that will have audiences snapping, tapping, and grooving to the eclectic sounds of these two fascinating local bands.

Blending rock, blues, and jazz with diverse cultural sounds, the Dave Kline Band is one of the most vibrant bands in the DC area. Their high-energy live show, packed with original instrumentation and dynamic stage presence creates a deep, emotional connection with audiences. Led by fiery violinist Kline’s fresh take on fiddling, the Dave Kline Band’s music fuses sounds from Britain, Colombia, Haiti, and Senegal into a modern panoply of expressive sound.

Six-time Washington Area Music Association award-winners Veronneau captivate audiences with a compelling combination of samba, bossa nova, Brazilian jazz, and French chanson music. Led by French-Canadian vocalist Lynn Veronneau, they light up the stage with their engaging presence and moving instrumentals. Veronneau’s voice is perfectly complemented by driving acoustic guitars and a tight rhythm section that propels the performance.

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