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Be Steadwell

With Christen B

DC singer-songwriter Be Steadwell redefines the love song in a modern context, with jazz, a capella, and folk roots. Blending genres into what she calls “queerpop,”  Steadwell’s live performances feature onstage-compositions using loop pedal vocal layering and beat boxing. 

  • Rather than following celebrated artists like Beyoncé or Mariah Carey, Steadwell draws her inspiration from less-known, underground artists
  • Music led Steadwell to film. Shooting and editing her own videos, she combined her love of music and narrative film. In 2014, she completed an MFA in film at Howard University
  • Vow of Silence (2014), Steadwell’s latest film, has been screened nationally and abroad in countries including the United Kingdom and Canada

Steadwell is joined by singer-songwriter, Christen B whose music seamlessly blends electronic and acoustic instruments with transcendent vocals leaving listeners in a state of euphoria.

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