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ArtStream’s Maryland Cabaret Presents Brave

ArtStream inclusive performing companies feature adult actors with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) — including autism — and other social and behavioral needs. Actors, volunteer mentors, and theatre professionals work as a team to create original performances for live audiences.

Bravery. It comes in many forms. Upon choosing this theme, our group spent a good amount of time talking about the different ways that we can be brave. It takes bravery to be vulnerable and tell others how you feel, to set a goal for yourself and try to achieve it despite the possibility of failure, to try something new, to admit when you’re wrong, to stand up for someone who needs a friend, and sometimes even to be yourself.

Every performer on this stage is immensely brave – it takes courage to get up in front of your peers and work on a piece of art. And it takes even more courage to get up in front of an audience to showcase that hard work.

But the thing about bravery is…it spreads. Each week as we work these performers grow more and more courageous. When one person succeeds we all cheer them on, and when mistakes (which are inevitable) are made, we support and encourage each other to keep going. This courage is passed from person to person and grows stronger until, finally, we are ready to share it with you.

So, here’s to hoping that the bravery of our performers is contagious - may you all be inspired by this work as much as I have been! Go out into the world and be brave!


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